Git: How can I automatically create a version number - it would be nice if a script could be executed automatically before git commit


maybe I just have a knot in my head - but I don't find a solution.

I have a file with the "buildNumber" or/and with the branch-name (this ist like 1.2.3_release).

Alway before I commit to the git repository, this should be updated.

I also have a few changes to do in other files before I commit.

Now it would be very nice, if php-storm will run a script that would do that (like filewatcher) - but only if I start a commit.

I know there are git hooks - there is one git hook "pre-commit" - I use this to run a php-script.

 The script runs - but the problem is, that changes from this script are made AFTER the commit.

 How do you solve this problems?

I don't want to run the script by hand - is there a way to tell php-storm to do that for me (before commit run script)?

Or do I do something wrong with the git-hook?

 Here is my example file console.php


$filePath = './version.txt';

if (file_exists($filePath) === false) {

$contentOldRaw = file_get_contents($filePath);
$contentOld = $contentOldRaw === '' ? 0 : (int)$contentOldRaw;
$contentNew = $contentOld + 1;
$contentNewString = (string)$contentNew;

file_put_contents($filePath, $contentNew);

$exitCode = 0;




And thats my hook:

php "./bin/console.php"


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Vladimir Luchansky


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