Turn off automatic updates to Python modules in remote interpreter


I am attempting to setup Pycharm with a remote server and remote Python interpreter. That interpreter has specific versions of Python modules that are NOT necessarily the most recent versions, up-to-date versions. That is intentional and by design. For example, I specifically want numpy version 1.13.1 and not numpy version 1.14.3. 

How do I turn off the automatic updating of these remote Python modules? I keep seeing the background task saying "Updating Python Interpreter" such as here


As you can see, it's updated all of these Python modules which I don't want.


Hi Dyoum3! In fact, PyCharm doesn't alter package versions in any way until you explicitly click an "update" button. PyCharm downloads libraries from the remote machine to the local one during the "Update Python Interpreter", the phrase is probably poorly worded. I created a usability issue in our bug tracker to address this problem: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-30306


@Pavel, does this mean I must have accidentally, but explicitly updated my local libraries? From my second screen shot, the UI seems clearly indicate that my local libraries have been updated. For my case, the "update Python interpreter" seems to be accurate if so.

Just to be sure, if I were to explicitly update my libraries, which button do I press to do that? I will try to create another local environment based off my remote environment. And I don't want to make a mess again.

from my second screen shot, the UI seems clearly indicate that my local libraries have been updated

Hm, it only shows possible updates, e.g. you have Pillow 3.1.2 but 5.1.0 is available to update.

which button do I press to do that?

This one should do:


D'oh! I see. That must be it then. It must be showing the latest versions available. And I suppose Pycharm is getting information for the latest version and downloading those new versions but not doing the update itself. That is a bit confusing though as a user. Either way, I guess my problems are solved. Thanks a lot Pavel!


@pavel, I left a comment at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-30306. The message is confusing yes, but it would be great to disable this completely. I created a remote project, and then this background task had been running for 30 minutes. What is it doing exactly? Is it possible to disable it? I want to manage my packages through conda myself, so that background task is just annoying.


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