Plugin only discoverable in IDEA plugin repository

We've recently refactored the Google Cloud Tools plugin to be available for more IDEs than just IDEA (including PyCharm, GoLand etc.). The plugin.xml's have been updated with optional dependencies as appropriate. Furthermore I've tested that the plugin works in, say PyCharm and GoLand, in both the following ways:


1) By sandboxing the plugin into PyCharm/GoLand via the gradle-intellij-plugin (by setting the "alternativeIdePath")

2) By building the plugin zip and manually installing it into PyCharm/GoLand (via the plugin settings and browsing to the zip on disk).


However, after uploading a build of the plugin to the JetBrains repository to the alpha channel for testing, the plugin is not available in any IDE other than IDEA. When adding the custom repo URL in GoLand, for example, the plugin is not found:

What could be causing this? In IDEA, the plugin is found as expected.


Side note:

On the plugin update page, there is a section for setting the supported IDEs:

I've tried various combinations of this to see if it has any affect, but nothing helped. Are these settings purely for what is displayed on the plugin webpage?


It started working:


It appears as though that Supported Products section on the plugin page does have an effect. I updated it to "determine supported products by dependencies in plugin.xml". My previous tests had failed because apparently this (and the plugin list) is cached and I simply didn't wait long enough with this change in place while testing before restoring it to IDEA only.

I think it may be a good idea to update the wording on the plugin update page to make all of this clearer.

please also let me know if I've mischaracterized anything.


Hi Etan, you are correct that plugin lists distributed to IDEs are cached and it can take 10 minutes in worst case to notice change in IDE.
We will add corresponding warning on the page.


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