Strange font issue when using Material UI



I've just setup a fresh install of PhpStorm on a Windows 10 machine (also a fresh install). I've installed the Material Theme UI plugin, however after I restart Php Storm... the fonts look completely broken..

I've tried going into preferences and changing font, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. It doesn't seem to be all fonts - as you can see, the Material Theme UI popup seems ok, it's just all the interface! ... makes it a bit tricky to use.

Just wondering if anyone has faced a similar issue at all?

Thanks in advance!


Hi there,

It's a problem with a font of some kind. You may see it even on fresh install with no GUI theme plugins. Try manually selecting another font .. or if you know which one it is -- try reinstalling the font.

I personally do not know the better cure.


Does it work fine without Material UI plugin activated?


It works fine without the plugin - very odd!


Will it work if you choose another font at "Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance --> Override default fonts by" ?


Hello Dan,

I have same problem as you described. Windows 10 + Phpstorm - when activating material theme the font looks like on your screenshot - very odd.

Any help appreciated.


Did you try a suggestion posted above?


Hi Dmitry,

Override default fonts by .... - checked - resolved my issue!

Thanks for help.


Cool, thanks for letting us know


Had something like this for Webstorm, what I ended up doing was:

1. Downloading Roboto font:

2. Installing the fonts
3. Restarting WebStorm

That fixed my issue.


I'm having this issue but can't even navigate around the UI to make any of the above changes, since I can't read any of the menus, etc...  How do I proceed?



Not sure if it will fix your issue but doesn't hurt to try it. Try my three steps above.

This step might not be needed but it's something that I have run into before. Delete Roboto fonts from the system before installing/reinstalling them.


@Fadi, I did dl and install those fonts... restarted WebStorm, still saw the whacked fonts but was able to fuss my way into uninstalling the material theme.  Upon restarting WebStorm, I re-installed the theme and now everything looks good.  Thanks for the help.


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