Why does project not know where my function is?

I likely worded this wrong, but i am sure this used to work for other projects and wondering why it isn't for this one. I see a function call in one of my project files but when i open the function reference to it (not sure what this is called): https://www.screencast.com/t/HjOgpZc4Wdg.

On most functions, within that pane, clicking the Edit Source icon at the top would take me to the function. But not for all. Why are some not known to my project?

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Hi there,

Have you tried just Ctrl+Click on such function directly in the editor (and not via Quick Documentation popup)?

As to why it does not work as in other projects -- no real way except guessing without knowing more details about the project. Maybe that file is outside of the project .. or not indexed or whatnot...


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