issue browsing remote host


I recently moved and set up a new network in my home office. I notice that since the move, I am not able to browse the remote host anymore. I also am not able to upload/deploy to the remote host. I've double-checked the configuration and testing the remote host works fine. I can also access the databases on the remote host through phpStorm just fine. Also, am able to browse the directories on the remote host just fine through FileZilla FTP. 

My current work-around is to make changes on the local version and then upload via FileZilla but that's a little bit of a pain. I'm guessing there is something I need to do somewhere either in phpStorm, on the remote host, in my firewall settings or in my network settings to allow phpStorm to display the directories on the remote host but I'm coming up empty on where to look.

Thanks for any pointers or suggestions.

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I think I solved the problem. I checked the box for "Passive Mode" in the advanced settings and that seems to have done the trick.


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