Sync Workspace between MacOS and Window via iCloud

I have installed PyCharm in my Macbook (Mac OS 10.13) and desktop PC (Window). In my desktop, i created a workspace and projects then working on these projects. Everything is fine in my Window desktop, but sometime, i have to demonstrate the status of projects to my customers with my MacBook.

I tried to sync a working folder which contains my projects between Window and Mac via iCloud Drive service. 

Sync is successful between Macbook and Window PC but i see there are some errors in my Macbook when running the projects because of lib missing which i have already imported in Window PC.  

How can I sync between my Macbook and Window PC in this case to get my projects working fine seamless? 

Note: the same version of python (2.7) is installed in my MAC and Window PC




It would be better to have a simple remote desktop connection (e.g. Teamviewer) for such cases.

Otherwise you would need to sync IDE settings, project files & interpreters/libs.

Settings can be synced via

Project files & libs should be synced manually (the way you would sync any other folder). Keep in mind that this might cause issues similar to (Syncing apps are locking IDE's system files).

So, again, I would opt for a simple remote desktop connection: it's easier, less cumbersome & more reliable.


Hello Dmitry,

Thanks for your reply. We are using Python as cross platforms and we also have to verify all my projects in different platforms. I feel using remote desktop is not good. 

I see in the Pycharm project, we have "venv" folder, why dont we have all specific setup related to project in that folder? In my opinion, It would be better.



PyCharm is based on IntelliJ IDEA platform & shares its architecture incl. system & configuration files locations.


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