Any update on turning off the folding on each for loop and if statement?


I am leaving pycharm temporarily until users will be able to turn off the folding on the for loops and if statements.

I don't understand why this is imposed to all users since there is a huge number of programmers that hate that feature. Personally I hate it because It really slows my work flow since it hides all the code making it impossible to read. I have to keep unfolding each for loop and each statement in my methods every time. I have been using pycharm for years. I actually never updated since the version that didn't have that feature implemented, but I can't keep using the old version, and also I can work with the recent version because of that folding system. So after many years I am switching to another IDE until this is implemented.

Please let me know if there is any intention of turning off the mentioned folding option in future Pycharm versions to come back. If not, sadly I'll switch permanently to another IDE.


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