Strage classloading behaviour of JDBC driveres


It seems to be some classloading weirdness while running plugin in sandbox.    I have dependency on JDBC driver ( statet as plugin dependency ), and to be able to create connection I have to load driver manualy first:


try {
System.err.println(Class.forName("") );
} catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
// create db connection
Properties connectionProps = new Properties();
connectionProps.put("user", pmFacet.getConfiguration().getUsername());
connectionProps.put("password", pmFacet.getConfiguration().getPassword());

System.err.println("created properties");
try {
String databaseConnection = pmFacet.getConfiguration().getDatabaseConnection();
final Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection(databaseConnection, connectionProps);


Without is, connection fails on driver not found.   Usially it is expected to work out of the box,   but I also tried:


and also adding jar file to IDEA sdk Classloasder -  nothing seems to work, and delivers CNFE.   What would be a proper way to do this? 



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