Build failure due to maven-annotations-test error


I have a question that is unseen on the internet - I could find a solution.

I wanted to build my maven project in IntelliJ Idea 17.2.2. Everything went well - I got only one error.
Namely Error:maven-annotations-test:test-fw: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Duplicate key org.jetbrains.jps.model.module.impl.JpsModuleImpl@56a6d5a6 

What can this mean? Is this something with the maven plugin? What is the solution?

Thank you for your time!





Does it build fine using the mvn tool?

Could you please provide a project example?


Yes, it works fine with maven tool. Just the IDE build does not work. 


please provide a project example.


What do you mean by a project example?

Will a pom.xml make sense?



Hello. pom.xml is not enough.  Any project where the problem reproduces would help.


Well, of course I cannot disclose any of the work I have, but would need the help.

The matter is that I cloned my work into a newly installed IDE and then the problem occurred.

Some additional info is that I cloned the repo by mistake twice - after that having deleted the first clone then cloned second time the same. This way - I don't know how but the IDE showed the same projects twice. But having deleted from the file system the first, I cannot deal really with this. May this be the cause?

Thank you!


Try removing .idea folder and reimporting project from maven model.


Thank you for the comment. I tried, reimported everything, but it didn't work.

I don't know what is the single point of erring in that particular project - which also hinder other projects from being built. This might be a newly aroused bug.

I have rolled backed to IDEA 17.1.6 and everything worked fine. Please be aware of this!!


We were facing exactly the same problem - however it was reproducible only on a single machine / Idea installation. Disabling Maven plugin fixed it. We are not using Maven at all - we are using Gradle (and its Idea plugin to generate the project). Unfortunately, neither I can provide source code. :(

The problem started appearing after upgrade to 2018.2, everything was fine before.


@Jan Klos could you please provide idea.log and build.log, if possible?


Got the same Issue today, I deactivated "Maven Integration" and "Maven Integration Extension" Plugin.


The same here, had to disable both maven plugins in order to build the project


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