Export AppCode KeyMap into IntelliJ fails


AppCode: File->ExportSettings to .jar file

IntelliJ: File->ImportSettings

IntelliJ:  IntelliJ IDEA->Preferences->Keymap

Select "Xcode mine" (my custom keymap based of an Xcode keymap)


No Keymap shortcut works.  All shortcut icons missing from menus

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Please watch & vote for IDEA-92640.

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That item is 6 years old.  I don't think that's going to end up being a solution.

I looked at the settings.jar file that is exported, and it only exports the *name* of the keymap!  None of the actual keymap settings are exported.

Is there any sort of work-around you can provide since that 6 year bug hasn't been touched in forever?  It's going to be frustrating to have to side by side compare my IDEs and reset all of my settings.


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