Pycharm duplicating project folders

Today, I installed PyCharm Pro. As I was testing, I encountered with a weird bug. For the project location while creating the project, I gave the location as ~/My_Projects/PyCharmProjects/Test1. And then I created a test file to print "Hello". It all worked fine. But then I just went to check my file manager. There, I found my project and its test file in ~/My_Projects/PyCharmProjects which was expected but the project was also there at ~/ , home, directory. I thought maybe this is because of some glitch, but when I created a second test project, the same thing happened. Then when I run "ls -al" on the terminal, I even saw a venv file and many other hidden pycharm files in the home directory. Also, at the location where these files were expected, there were only my python files. What I mean by that is when I opened this ( ~/My_Projects/PyCharmProjects/Test1 ) location, I could only find scripts written by me. And at the home directory, where the duplicates of my projects were created, had all the files in the project like ~/Test1 had bin, include, lib, etc. but my main location only had scripts. Why is this happening ?

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Well, the problem was that I didn't see the location of virtual environments while creating the project. It was by-default set to my home directory. Now, when I changed the venv directory, it was all set and no unexpected behavior was found. Sorry for creating a trivial post.


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