add missing sass/scss color scheme in IntelliJ


I have installed both IntelliJ Ultimate 2018.1, and Webstorm.

I am using IntelliJ and require sass/scss code highlighting, which is available out of the box in Webstorm. However the sass/scss option is not shown in File | Settings | Editor | Color Scheme, though I do see it there in Webstorm. How can I add this to IntelliJ? It is my understanding that IntelliJ can do anything any of the other editors do.



This feature is available in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate:

Which plug-ins do you have disabled?


Plugins was part of the problem - in File | Settings | Plugins, I did not have Sass support selected. I have now selected Sass support, and restarted IntelliJ.

I still do not have any colored code highlighting in the .scss files yet. (though there is colored highlighting  in File | Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | Sass/SCSS, just as in your example screenshot).

Is there another step I should take? 




Check the file types:


Excellent! Thanks! This was my missing step. Previously, I had added ".scss" without the "*" as an oversight.


  1. add Sass/SCSS support in plugins
  2. add "*.scss" to FIle Types > SASS > "Registered Patterns" 
  3. click apply and close the window
  4. the code highlighting then appears in you scss file (after closing settings)

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