Open the modal window by double clicking on the custom Project View tree item

I have a custom project view and want to open a modal window with settings instead code editor when the user double clicked on some elements.

Is my usecase already supported by intellij?

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Does "custom project view" means that you have own AbstractProjectViewPSIPane with own nodes?

Then IDEA executes the following method to process every selected node that implement Navigatable

OpenSourceUtil#navigate(boolean, boolean, Iterable<? extends Navigatable>) 


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At this moment I use a class which extends ProjectViewPane and create my own nodes in getChildren() method.

I do not understand how OpenSourceUtil#navigate can help me.

I found EditSourceOnDoubleClickHandler and use its method

install(JTree, Runnable)

for implements custom behavior on double click. Is this a normal way?

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No, it is applicable for your custom tree. The Project View tree has already installed a double click handler. And your handler may affect it.

Note, that your Runnable is called right after processing selected nodes, but it does not know about selection: 

OpenSourceUtil.openSourcesFrom(dataContext, true);
if (myWhenPerformed != null);

I recommend to implement the following methods in your ProjectViewNode:

boolean expandOnDoubleClick(); return false (needed for non-leaf nodes)
boolean canNavigate(); // return true (will be processed by openSourcesFrom)
boolean canNavigateToSource(); // return false
void navigate(boolean requestFocus); // open dialog
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 Thanks, this method works fine.


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