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DataGrip does indeed provide support for VCS via Jetbrains plugins but it seems like a second-class citizen when it comes to how well it is supported in the IDE.

Enabling VCS for a project isn't exactly intuitive, but is straightforward enough once you install the appropriate plugins, and even becomes obvious once you get away from using the "default" project to manage your databases and instead create projects in attached directories that will contain your database related code, supporting SQL and a range of different language plugins that can be installed.

What I miss most in DG, however, is what I call the "full tilt boogie" Version Control window that in other Jetbrains' IDEs can be used to track changes in change lists, shelf functionality (convenient alternative to git stash and works with any VCS) and - this is what I miss most - the awesome git log viewer and its plethora of features that exponentially simplifies many VCS related tasks.

But, unless I've missed the means to enable it, does not appear to be in DataGrip.

Is there any chance that this functionality can be enabled in DG when version control is enabled for a project?


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If you press Alt/Cmd+9 it should appear.

Or just type Version Control in Find Action (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + A)


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