Change "Jump to Editor (F4)" default query

I'm using a SQL Server Data Base (Microsoft Azure) and when I use F4 to execute the select * from my table as default the DataGrip add (, %%physloc%% as "%%physloc%%") in the query. 

But it's give me this error:


SELECT TOP 501 t.*, %%physloc%% as "%%physloc%%" FROM [database].[schema].[my table] t
[S0001][103010] Parse error at line: 1, column: 21: Incorrect syntax near '%'.


There are a way to change the default query generated by the F4 to remove this field from query?


This is still happening in DataGrip.  I have added a comment to DBE-7109 with the details here.


Jason Freeman, thanks for sharing. We'll take a look.


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