In rider, how to listen debug session pause in breakpoint event


in some case, when debug unity,  rider debug session pause in breakpoint will not activate rider window, i must manually activate rider window

so I hope a way to listen debug session paused, when pause > activate rider

I know openapi has `DebugProcessListener` but in rider.jar, this class doesn't exist, how to do

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I find the solution, use `XDebugSessionListener` like following

static XDebugSessionListener sessionListener = new XDebugSessionListener() {
void sessionPaused() {
println("debug session is paused")

void msAttachToUnityEditor(Closure c) {
def c2 = {
def dm = XDebuggerManagerImpl.getInstance(pj);
// remove exist listener

if session is not found, I can use 


to first wait session start and then run my code


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