Reloading Gradle Plugin in Live Development


While writing a gradle Kotlin-dsl plugin (n IntelliJ and having a consumer gradle setup using said plugin, I can't get IntelliJ to acknowledge an update of the plugin without performing an `Invalidate Cache/Restart...` entirely, which as you can imagine, takes a load of time.


Each and every time I want to test if the consumer gradle file is going to work, I have to not only deploy to maven local, but also invalidate caches/restart if I try to use the built in Gradle plugin. Worst yet, I can easily test in debugging through command line gradle and run the debugger on the application through IntelliJ, but it does not help when trying to use the built in Kotlin support of the consuming plugin's build.gradle.kts.

 Plugin link



I've tried posting on Gradle's forums, but haven't had any luck. Figured since this is more about Kotlin and gradle integration with IntelliJ, I figure I'd ask here now.


Hi, the first link produces 404.


Fixed link. Couldn’t embed link on mobile


Not sure how this is marked answered, but it's not answered and links are updated.


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