Custom plugin does not show update notification


so I've created a custom plugin and deployed it to an enterprise plugin repository and put the "updatePlugins.xml" on some server.

The plugin is then read from that xml and can be installed.

Now, when I increase the version number and restart the IDE I do not get an update notification.

Problem is that IDEA already sees the new version as an update because when I manually go to Help->Check for Updates then the new plugin version appears.

Also when I manually have a look at the plugin list, I can see a blue button with the label "Update".

I also checked that I want to receive an update notification/sticky balloon for plugins in the settings page.

So why is it that IDEA knows about the update, but does not show a notification/balloon?

Is it because of an enterprise repository?

Please help here, since it is very annoying to inform all plugin users that they should manually check for updates.



IDEA automatically checks for updates and shows corresponding pop-up once in 24 hours.


Hi Ivan,

so IDEA does not perform this check upon start but rather at a specific time?

So to test if the notification is shown, should I close IDEA for more than 24 hours and then start it again?

When is the best day time to test this?


Ok, I figured out how you can test the update notification immediatley´:

1) Open this file <path_to_your_settings_folder>/config/options/updates.xml.

2) You have to change the value inside the tags "LAST_TIME_CHECKED". Mine looks like <option name="LAST_TIME_CHECKED" value="1534670224373" />. Value is the system time in milliseconds which you can see in a readable format here .

Now create at that site a new date which is at least one day before the current date. Insert this value into updates.xml and save.

3) Start/restart IDEA and you will get notified for any updates.


Hi Jürgen,

On the start IDEA checks how much time passed since last check for updates (automatic or manual) and if it is more than 24 hours then makes a check for update otherwise schedules automatic check for updates to be 24 hours after previous check for updates. Then while IDEA is running it makes check every 24 hours.

For example, let's imagine that you've closed IDEA on Friday and have not opened it on weekend. Then you start it on Monday at 9am. Because IDEA has not been running for two days then definitely more than 24 hours has passed since last check for updates and an automatic check for updates is triggered. Also another one is scheduled for 9am Tuesday and if you don't close IDEA till that time then another automatic check would be made at 9am Tuesday. Let's imagine that at 3pm on Monday you make a manual check for updates and close IDEA. Then on Tuesday you start it at 9am: 24 hours from previous check would be at 3pm Tuesday therefore IDEA doesn't make a check at the start and schedules a check for 3pm Tuesday.

I hope my explanation made it clearer. Please fill free to ask any further questions.


Another solution would be just to put 0 as value for LAST_TIME_CHECKED.


Thanks for your detailed explanations, very helpful :)


hello,it still has no notification/balloon when I change the update.xml,how do you solve it


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