Javascript Debug Broken when TLS/SSL HTTPS is enabled

I am developing an Angular 6 (2+) application that works with an OIDC Pac4j secured Jersey Web Service. Managing cookies and sessions with SPAs is kind of a pain. You have to configure a proxy to get things to look the same so your session will persist.

Anyway, my problem is that after having gotten the above setup and normal run working fine. The debug is broken! Turns out the debugger is breaking in my environment whenenver I turn SSL on. The above OIDC Pac4j Jersey REST Web Service breaks when I turned SSL off.

Please tell me this is a bug with the webstorm debugger and it is capable of working over SSL? I can see the debugger "Connecting to localhost:44615" variable and the console.log statements are rendering in the IDE but just no breakpoints are hit?!?

Environment Details:

Angular CLI: 6.1.2
Node: 8.11.3
OS: linux x64

WebStorm 2018.2.3



Problems debugging on https can be related to certificate issues. Please recreate your issue and provide your idea.log ( - don't paste it here, upload it to some file server and provide a link


Please link to issue created from here. This problem seems to still exist in 2021.1


There are no known issues that look related, nothing to link. Please recreate the issue and share your idea.log within a support ticket as suggested above


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