You have been ignoring hundreds of users for 12 years now.


Dear JetBrains team

it is not easy to stay calm while writing this, because of all the frustration and lost productivity you have caused me with your indifference over the years. 


All we need is a simple usability fix that is common with editors for decades. 

What we ask for is REALLY SIMPLE:

With a single command (not multiple consecutive commands!!!), I want to be able to jump to the next or previous instance of whatever is selected at the moment, making the next instance selected instead. 


The oldest feature request I can find is 12 years old, and all the issues combined have over 100 upvotes:


I find especially ironic, that you could have fixed the usability issue with just a fraction of the resources you have burned to rebut all the requests. 


Your paying customer

Daniel Sedlacek






You're overestimating the number of users requesting this feature. It's covered by IDEA-65007 which only has 9 votes. Other issues you mention are about different things, a lot of others are already resolved (including IDEA-59638, which indeed had a lot of votes).


Dmitry, just because you delivered *something*, it does not mean you have fulfilled the requirement. Sure, you can close the ticket and your users can not reopen it back - you control the tracking system. But if you look at IDEA-59638, you will see many people complaining that it did not deliver the functionality they asked for. 


I'm not saying that everyone's expectations were fulfilled, it's just there are much less users that 'hundreds' were voting for this. Hence the lower priority for the issue.


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