protractor scripts have to be run using Protractor run configuration - see https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/2018.3/protractor.html for details


I have already set up Protractor and was able to execute the test scripts. This is what I did.

Create Project - > Node JS & NPM


I need to rewrite Protractor test cases using Cucumber and I added “test.feature” file to above  same project.




Scenario: Google Protractor

Given I am on google page

When I type "protractor" Then I click search button



I need to generate step definition file and execute the same.


What should I do to generate step definition file and run it in IntelliJ?


To enable CucumberJS support in IDEA, you need installing Cucumber.js plugin using Preferences | Plugins, Install JetBrains Plugin...

Once plugin is installed and enabled, you can use quick fixes available on Alt+Enter to generate step definitions stubs from your .feature file:



haven't got what you mean... normally all step definitions are created in a single file (actually you are prompted to choose what file to put definitions in - it can be a new file or existing file(s))



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