auto file synchronization not happening

I am using webstorm for simple project using type-script. IDE inbuilt typescript compiler too is compiling the code but I am unable to see the compiled code. The moment when I do manual synchronize my project I start seeing those generated files by the compiler.I've already enabled the auto synchronization files settings in 

Preferences ---> System Settings--->Synchronization --->Synchronize files on frame or editor tab activation.


Normally the built-in compiler output directory is synchronized automatically... Do you have any symlinks in your project path? Is your project stored on a local drive?


There is no symlinks and it's on local drive. This quite strange that's happening. Every time, I compile, I have to synchronize files and folder. 


please provide a screenshot of your Settings | Languages & Frameworks | TypeScript page plus all your project tsconfig.*.json files (files, not screenshots of them)


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