JS Syntax Coloring for node_modules

How do I enable syntax coloring for files within my node_modules folder?

Thank you!:)


Not sure I follow you... basic coloring should be there. Just the advanced highlighting based on resolve that is  implemented via annotator (also responsible for reporting syntax errors) is missing, as all library files have syntax highlighting level set to `None` (no inspections/error highlighting) for better performance.

You can change highlighting level of certain files using Hector icon in file lower right corner: move the slider to set highlighting level to `Syntax` or `Inspections`


Yes but how do I make it so the highlighting level of the node_modules is __ALWAYS__ set to 'syntax' or 'inspections'. Currently, I'm having to use the Hector Icon/slider for each file I open up in my node_modules. 


You can't do it - as I wrote, inspections, etc. are disabled for library files. And highlighting level can only be set for individual files


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