Function not implemented error after use a java driver

Hi I'm trying to connect data grip with pervasive PSQL ver 12.00 in windows 10 64 I got the driver file which is jar I set the right url in the properties

jdbc:pervasive://localhost:1583/ but it doesnt' work I get an error from DataGrip "Function not implemented" please is this a problem on my settings or is something you don't support I have my database on this engine is an engine made in Java is called Pervasive PSQL.


Could you email me full error log to



I'm fairly certain this is because pervasive does not have an up to date driver. I ran into a similar problem attempting to use Hikari CP's connection pools. The driver has a function called isValid used to validate the connection, however, it is not implemented. With Hikari I was able to get around it by providing a configuration that ran a sql query to test connections instead of using isValid. Not sure how to do this on DataGrip or if it's even possible.


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