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First, I am loving JetBrains tools.  They bring so much more value to my work flow and work great on my Mac.  DataGrip is no exception but there is one more feature that I want to use / can't find in DataGrip around Diagrams.

I know there is a diagram feature, but the database has to be already built to use this feature (as far as I know).  Is there any way I can build the database design from scratch using a diagram view then apply the changes and/or export the SQL?  I am looking for similar functionality as MySQL Workbench EER Diagrams.  There you can export the SQL script to completely create the database design with relationships.  You can also save the diagram for future use / modifications.

If this feature does exist then I can finally dump MySQL Workbench which can be very buggy.


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We don't have this feature, but there is a request:


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