Rubymine process is not responding (when finishing indexing a project)


Rubymine 2018.2.3, MacOs 10.14

Project details: Ruby 2.4.4, Rails 4.2.10

When I open the project, Rubymine starts to index it files. It continues to the almost end, but stops at 100% (I see progress bar is full). Notebook coolers run too fast, The Activity Monitor App shows that Rubymine process is not responding at 150% CPU load.

I tried everything what was suggested about fixing the indexing loop, it didn't help. Such things, like totally reinstall Rubymine, or remove .idea folder from the project, or invalidating the cache.

So, today is almost a week I can't use my lovely IDE at work, and I have to ask you for help.


Is there any support here?

I haven't been using IDE for two weeks already.


Hello Alexander,

sorry for keeping you waiting. Since you wrote us also in the support system let's continue discussion there.


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