"Failed to load webpack.config.js" - "Set up Node.js interpreter"


every time i start php storm, i get following Event log message:

<TIME> Failed to load webpack.config.js
              Set up Node.js interpreter


My Hostsystem: Win 10

PHPStorm: 18.2.4


My guestsystem (Oracle Virtual Box - Homestead / Vagrant - Linux)


When i follow the link in the Message "Set up Node.js interpreter", i will be forwardet to: "settings => Languages & Frameworks => Node.js and NPM".


I'm not able to set a remote interpreter in this "Node.js and NPM" settings as in "run => Edit Configurations". I mean the goal of vagrant is to destroy if necessary and keep your Host-System clean. Thats way i do not install nodejs or a paketmanager like yarn on my Hostsystem.

How to avoid this message or use node.js / yarn remote over my guestsystem?

Thank you for helping.


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I am satisfied with the answer, thank you Elena.

i have turned off the log for Webpack-Notifications on "Notifications Settings"

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This is the expected behavior described in Help (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/phpstorm/node-js.html):

Here you can choose or configure only a local Node.js interpreter, that is, a Node.js installed on your computer, or a Node.js on Windows Subsystem for Linux, see "Configuring a local Node.js interpreter" and "Using Node.js on Windows Subsystem for Linux" for details.

Remote interpreters are configured in the "Configure Node.js Remote Interpreter" Dialog dialog accessible from the "Run/Debug Configuration: Node.js". Learn more from "Configuring Remote Node.js Interpreters". 

There are multiple reasons why we currently do not fully support using remote Node.js interpreters, and do not allow choosing them as a default project Node.js interpreter: first is the performance - apart from integrations with tools like task and test runners via run configurations, PhpStorm has several integrations that rely on using services that run with node (e.g. TypeScript, Angular, linters) and should provide immediate feedback on typing. We are not sure that we can provide the best experience with these tools when node is not available locally.
Second is the overall complexity of such support. As mentioned, there're over a dozen tool integrations in PhpStorm that use node and there are 3 ways to configure remote interpreters (Docker, Vagrant, SSH) - implementing and testing that is a huge amount of work that we are not ready to invest in at the moment.
That leading to the third reason: while we see the overall trend of using remote environments for dev tools and workflows, we don't see a wide adoption of it among JavaScript developers as well as a support of this workflow by the tools themselves. We definitely keep an eye on that, but at the moment we are not ready to commit to implementing a full support for remotely-installed Node.js.

In particular, there is currently no way to evaluate webpack configuration using remote interpreter. You need to have a local one installed to make this work


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