Can I write an PHP extension to define "undefined" magic methods

I have a class that handles dependency injection via __callStatic


$foo = Injector::Foo();  // <= returns a Foo object, either by passing a previously registered class for injection or by calling new Foo()


I've written a custom plugin that contains a TypeProvider3 which means that $foo is correctly typed as a 'Foo', but what I can't figure out is how to get rid of the Method 'Foo' not found in Injector.


I don't want a huge set of @method declarations, as that makes indexing take a long time, ideally I'd be able to add a separate extension in my plugin which could tell that inspection that this is a legitimate method reference.


Any pointers to what (if any) extension I could add to plugin to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.




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Unfortunately, for now there is no way to provide custom references on method call programatically. We have technical issue about this ability:

Also we have issue about resolving magic methods via __call (applicable to __callStatic  as well) -


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