Flash Project dependencies are no longer recognized after updating to 2018.2.4



I am building a copywritten application that leverages Adobe AIR as it's compiler and Project SDK. All code is written in pure ActionScript 3 and several sources rely on three other frameworks in order to function (in the form of SWC libraries), which were recognized by IntelliJ in the 2017 versions, but no longer recognized after updating to 2018.2.4.

Specifically, the imports for those three different frameworks inside the source files are no longer recognized, so the IDE is showing errors & warnings for missing the methods & classes that those imports are referencing.

What I have tried:

  1. Removing the dependencies from the module, then re-adding them exactly like before, as ActionScript classes... They are SWCs containing ActionScript classes, I can successfully browse each SWC from within the IDE and see the classes. IntelliJ doesn't recognize them for my project sources though.
    (Under 'Project Structure' window, I confirmed that the framework SWC libraries exist under "Libraries" and also exist under "Module -> Dependencies")
  2. Copying the SWCs to a 'lib' folder in my Project directory, and then referencing those ones from the Project Structure instead of the ones that were in a more remote directory on my Filesystem.
  3. Adding the SWCs to the Platform SDKs and Global Libraries in the Project Structure window
  4. File -> Invalidate/Restart, then clicked "Invalidate & Restart" button

I have run out of ideas to try to remedy this situation and could use some suggestions.
The ONLY classes & methods that are recognized in my project sources is the classes & methods provided by the selected Project's SDK, which I also use for compilation: Adobe AIR SDK 31.0

Why is IntelliJ always so finicky when it comes to adding dependencies? I just don't understand why it refuses to recognize them. I vaguely remember running into a similar issue with dependency recognition in older IntellIJ Ultimate versions, but this one takes the cake.
Has IntelliJ Ultimate stopped supporting SWC libraries for dependency?.......


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There are no known issues in this area. And I double-checked that dependencies work fine for me in my projects. 

The only thing that came to my mind is that you might have more than one Flash Build Configurations (BCs) in your Flash module and they have different sets of dependencies and you have the wrong one selected as the active one. IDE uses active BC for code highlighting. Active BC chooser is in the IDE status bar.

If it doesn't help then I'm happy to check your project configuration. Please attach .idea folder and all *.iml files zipped. Or a bunch of screenshots showing the problem and project configurations.

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Hi. Could you please provide a project example to reproduce a problem?


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