Autocomplete for json array(intellisense?)



I would like to know if it's possible to autocomplete json array with strings based on another global variable or a file. 




let myArray = ["First", "Second", "Third"];  

My JSON would have an array: 


"myArray": [];/*When I try to add a string here it
should show me all possibile things I can put
(based on my variable above if possible),
so it would show "First", "Second", "Third". 
Pressing ctrl + space might expand it as well.*/


Perhaps it might detect that I am trying to add a string by starting with quotation mark, which is fine to me. 

The reason for that is to make it easier with filling my json file with data, so I don't have to look up all possible options I can choose.


No, you can't expect getting completion based on unrelated global variables.

But you can define your own  JSON schemas - code completion in JSON is based on schemas (if any); a custom schema must meet the JSON schema standards and must be located under the project root


Thanks, I will look into it.


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