"main" field in package.json is ignored when importing from node-module

I have a Typescript project, let's call it "projectA", which uses a node module, let's call it "@myCompany/moduleB".  

In "moduleB" I have the following structure:

- build
- folder1
- file1.js
- index.js
- index.d.ts

the package.json of "moduleB" contains the main-attribute to make ./build/index.js the entry file:

"main": "build/index.js",
"name": "@myCompany/moduleB",
"version": "1.0.0"


In "projectA", I have installed "moduleB" as a dependency using 'npm install @myCompany/moduleB'. When I use a function from "moduleB" in "projectA", WebStorm always adds the '/build' directory to the import path.

So instead of

import { myFunction } from "@myCompany/moduleB";


I get

import { myFunction } from "@myCompany/moduleB/build";


When I manually remove the '/build' from the import path, the code still works as expected, but in WebStorm the syntax-highlighting for 'myFunction()' disappears and I can't do "jump to source" any more.


It seems like WebStorm just ignores the file specified in the "moduleB"s package.json. How can I make WebStorm use the cleaner import path without the '/build'-postfix? 
This issues occurs WebStorm and Rider.

Thanks in advance,


Try adding

"typings": "build/index.d.ts",

to the package.json of "moduleB" - does it help?


Awesome, Elena! It works like a charm :)

Thanks a lot for your very fast help.


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