Can I integrate rufo with Rubymine?


Hi there, 

we use rufo on our project as a pre-commit hook. Wondering if there's a way to use it to autoformat on save inside of rubymine?

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in RubyMine you can invoke reformat before commit but according to project's code style settings ( As for rufo, we don't have any special support but you're welcome to submit a feature request on our tracker ( specifying how you'd like to see it implemented.

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My solution to get rufo running in  intellij/rubymine is to use the File Watcher Plugin and add a filewatcher which  executes rufo after every save of a ruby file.

It is required to install rufo that it is executable on your workstation.

Here you find a manual to set up file watcher:

This is my set up that works fine for me:


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