Certain UI fonts displaying oddly

So this happened yesterday when I tried to open PhpStorm -

I've never seen this happen before, does anyone know what's going on? Most if not all of my settings are set to their defaults, the only change I've made was installing Material theme. Not everything was affected, notice how the breadcrumbs and section headers are fine.


> the only change I've made was installing Material theme

Try uninstalling it. Its files are under C:\Users\<username>\.PhpStorm2018.2\config\plugins\



Oddly enough I just started PhpStorm to check if the issue persisted and it seems to have fixed itself somehow, without removing Material. If it happens again I will uninstall the theme and see what happens.


This is a known issue with the Material theme UI plugin, please see the suggestion here: https://github.com/ChrisRM/material-theme-jetbrains/issues/895#issuecomment-413259427


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