React development: Invalid number of arguments on a react Component class?

This started happening very recently... here's a snap of my class declaration:

message on the underlined  props in `super` says:

`Invalid number of arguments, expected 0`

Nothing in the version of react I'm using would indicate that this is incorrect, in fact the application will crash if not provided. Any idea (ha!) what's going on here?


please ctrl+click on super() - what declaration are you taken to? What react version do you work with?


Well interesting... as the class is currently written, as shown above, the super declaration resolves to here on a ctrl+click:

(recompose) but, if I explicitly do this:

IDEA does nothing when I attempt to ctrl+click on super, but warning/error goes away.

react version is 16.1.1

Someone must have recently installed recompose. Not sure if this is expected behavior or not.



Try excluding recompose/dist from indexing (by marking it excluded) - does it help?


I don't see where I would mark this as excluded...


This likely means that they are configuraed as libraries... try marking Recompose.cjs.js.flow as plain text then


well, that corrected it, but doesn't seem durable? restarting the workspace it returns. shouldn't this be added to my idea settings?


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