Find in Path window handling on Mac

In every other app (like Chrome or BBEdit), a sub-window or secondary window is manageable using Command+W (to close it) or Command+` (tic) (to switch between them), but the 'Find in Path' window eludes this control and seems to fly by its own rules...

Closing the window seems to be impossible, and even trying to using Esc or clicking outside of the box sometimes just doesn't work, or will hide the window and cause re-opening it to either not happen sometimes (meaning the keymap shortcut won't re-open it), or even cause the window to randomly appear when switching contexts in the editor or using another hotkey...

I honestly have not been able to reproduce the behavior consistently enough to know exactly what's causing it to behave erratically, but it really should behave like a sub-window as in any other app... it seems to exist in it's own sub-reality with rules that are not intuitive and not easy to figure out.

As an example of expected behavior, in BBEdit, if I click Search > Multi-File Search, a sub-window pops up that lets me search all files; even with results, and even after clicking into a file, the sub-window disappears, but is still available when hitting Command+` to switch to it, and has a close button, and will close when Command+W is used. PHPStorm's 'Find in Path' box just does not behave like any other app sub-windows, and I don't see why it shouldn't.

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There's a bug with Find in Path not being closable: - feel free to vote/comment for it in order to increase its priority and get notified about updates.



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