PHPStorm keeps creating deleted folders


It looks like PHPStorm keeps creating folders I deleted from my computer. So I create a project pointing to a folder. But when I move or delete this folder the folder keeps being recreated. What can i do about this?


But when I move or delete this folder the folder keeps being recreated

Is it being re-created on a certain event, or immediately?

A couple of thoughts:

  1. Please check if you have a deployment configuration set at Settings/Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment.
  2. Any VCS configured for the project (Git, Subversion, Mercurial)? Is it possible that you pull those folders from there?

I can't find out when the folder is created. I have some connections in deployment but they don't have any reference to the local project folder.

I use GIT but the folders aren't created when pulling.

It is always the same folder in all projects though, I'm working with drupal and for some reason it keeps adding my custom template folder. Even when I'm only working in the finder, I delete the folder and in a few seconds it's back again.


Sorry, writing the above made me wonder if it is a PHPstorm problem at all. I think its not, so I'm looking into Dropbox as my problem.


Same problem with IntelliJ IDEA. I'm relying on Git for a Java project with Maven. I deleted old Maven modules and associated folders… But these folders keep getting recreated automatically without any content on them. I performed the delete only once for three Maven modules, and the three folders keep getting recreated.

The empty folders are not recreated after a Git pull or an auto-fetch. But they are when restarting the IDE and waiting a bit of time (a couple of seconds).


Could you please try the following general troubleshooting steps:

  • Close the IDE, delete .idea folder and any *.iml files in your project root folder in file explorer, and re-import the project from existing sources?
  • File > Invalidate Caches.. > enable Clear file system cache and Local History option > Invalidate and Restart

How did you delete the maven modules? Did you modify the pom.xml file?
Also, check if the modules are deleted from the project structure also (File > Project Structure > Modules)?



An issue has been filled on YouTrack related to this issue:

As mentioned in the comments, I'm no longer able to investigate the issue since I have recreated the project.

Anyway thanks for your time!


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