IDEA 2018.2 hangs for about a minute whenever I try to run my application


Just trying IDEA 2018 in anger for the first time, was stuck with IDEA 2017 for a long time because of a svn 1.6 version lock in. IDEA 2018 mostly seems to work OK despite being on an older CentOS 6.7 machine, but every time I try to run the application IDEA freezes for about a minute. The IDE stops responding to any and all input and isn't even painting the UI.

Then suddenly it'll start the build and run as if nothing unusual occured. Not seen this kind of problem with IDEA before. Any known issues on older centos?

IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2.4 (Ultimate Edition)
Build #IU-182.4505.22, built on September 18, 2018

Seems the first run attempt after starting the IDE is the worst. If I start & stop & start again it's not nearly so bad. But the if I just edit in the IDE for a while the freeze will sometimes suddenly reoccur on the next run. First time always hangs, subsequent run attempts its more intermittent. 

Doesn't appear to matter if I'm launching and deploying the full webapp in an embedded tomcat container or running a small self contained unit test both lock-up the IDE. But its not due to cpu load or memory or disk access according to top.



Is is reproducible with 2017 version only? Please provide all IDE logs zipped (if possible, right after reproducing).


This is only a problem with IDEA 2018, IDEA 2017 works fine with the same project, no delay at all with run.

Log files here 


Well it doesn't freeze on restart, only when I try to run anything, which is only a compile & run. Why would IDEA2018 need to get secure randoms on run? while IDEA 2017 doesn't? Freezes immediately on the button press. i.e. before compilation.


Before compilation IDE performs settings save - as well as it does it on restart action.


Looks like I was having the same issue, this fixed it for me:



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