Can't deploy app on my iPhone upgraded to 12.0.1

After updating my iPhone to the version of IOS released this week, I can't run app on the phone from AppCode:

Couldn't find device support directory (/Users/...../Developer/Xcode/iOS DeviceSupport/12.0.1 (16A405)) for seected device.
Please check device with Xcode Organizer.


It works fine in xcode so not sure what I can do. Please advise.

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Hi Mathias,

Which Xcode version is selected in Preferences | Tools | Xcode?

Again, IOS 12.0 worked fine in both XCode and Appcode. IOS 12.0.1 only works in XCode.


I have some additional feedback for you:


I got it working by doing this:

1. I looked in the directory pointed out by your error message above. They are right that there is no "12.0.1 (16A405)" directory there, but there IS a directory named "12.0.1 (16A405) arm64e"

2. I simply made a copy of the directory and renamed it to the one AppCode is complaining about and it started working.


Obviously I shouldn't have to resort to these types of shenanigans to make your app work. Would be great with some feedback.


I have the same issue, I'm on an iPhone XS



Here's a corresponding issue - please subscribe as watcher.


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