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I use Livestreet CMF, and have to deal with Livestreet's specific syntax for calling some methonds.

For example, if I call method $this->Blog_GetBlogsRating  it means that I call GetBlogRating method from  Blog_Module class.

I need correct code navigation, so if I ctrl+click on $this->Blog_GetBlogsRating PhpStorm should open method GetBlogRating in Blog_Module class, how can I achieve this?

Writing my own plugin is acceptable method, but please give me  a hint what hooks/methods and so on I can use for it.







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Unfortunately, you can't do that with Advanced Metadata currently. Please vote for the request:

What you can do is to add @method PHPDoc blocks in every class (or their parent), like:

class Blog {
    function getBlogsRating() {
        return new DateTime();

 * @method DateTime Blog_GetBlogsRating
class Invoker {

    function test() {

For obvious reasons, you'll need to adjust the docblock each time you change the method itself.

As for the plugin development, you can get hints here:


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