Issue with Blade and VUE

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Good afternoon
I have the following problem
When using a vue component in a blade template, I get the following errors:

On the other hand I have this problem in my .vue file

The code works fine since I load the page and everything works ok
Attached picture of the libraries:

I have the vue and laravel plugin correctly installed and blade works well for me, it's only when I add {{phpCode}} to the value of the vue component attribute.

Any help will be welcome

Thank you.


That's a known issue:

Unfortunately it's not addressed and no workarounds available a.t.m. 


And the issue in the .vue file is also a known issue?


Can't recreate - Vue methods are correctly resolved and suggested by completion:


What Vue.js version do you use? Do you have node_modules/vue/types/vue.d.ts included in your project (make sure that node_modules/vue is not marked excluded, and that your Vue.js version included vue typings)?



How can check if node_modules/vue is excluded?

Thank you very much.



I'm using exactly same vue version; not sure if yours is included (due to folders coloring used by your theme plugin, it's not quite clear what folders are actually included), but seems it is... Not sure why there is a 'library root' mark next to vue - it's normally shown for node_modules folder, as it's used as a library root by default. What do your javascript libraries and PHP include paths look like? Can be related to


Okay. I have included the node_modules folder and the vue folder, and now it sends me the following message:


Try ctrl+clicking on Vue and component - what definitions are you taken to?


I have run npm run watch and again the error from before ...


I have no idea how running the npm script can affect this... If the issue persist after caches invalidation, please share a sample project that can be used to recreate it


I have invalidated the cache and now it is correct again. This is what I get when I ctrl + click in component:


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