PHPStorm is taking a lot of storage space

Mac OS X is telling me that PHPStorm is using over 5GB size as application. See attached screenshot. At the same time Webstorm is using only ~500MB.

I tried invalidating cache:

I also checked the size of settings, cache, logs folder here:

But it is only a couple of hundred megabytes. I am running older version of PHPStorm, so I checked the WebIde folders.

When checking directly application size of, it says it is 1,7GB. So either Mac OS X doesn't know how to calculate size or where is that 3,7GB of used space by PHPStorm?

Any help would be appriciated.


What IDE version are you using? What's the Xmx size in Help > Edit Custom VM Options?


I have PHPStorm version 10.0.4 (old, I know :) and Xmx is:


Well, the only space occupied by PhpStorm - are installation files & caches & config. You seem to have already checked this. Not sure how Mac calculates this: probably it sums up project sizes that were opened in IDE?


Ok, thanks for confirming this Dmitry.


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