PHPStorm is taking a lot of storage space

Mac OS X is telling me that PHPStorm is using over 5GB size as application. See attached screenshot. At the same time Webstorm is using only ~500MB.

I tried invalidating cache:

I also checked the size of settings, cache, logs folder here:

But it is only a couple of hundred megabytes. I am running older version of PHPStorm, so I checked the WebIde folders.

When checking directly application size of, it says it is 1,7GB. So either Mac OS X doesn't know how to calculate size or where is that 3,7GB of used space by PHPStorm?

Any help would be appriciated.


Well, the only space occupied by PhpStorm - are installation files & caches & config. You seem to have already checked this. Not sure how Mac calculates this: probably it sums up project sizes that were opened in IDE?


What IDE version are you using? What's the Xmx size in Help > Edit Custom VM Options?


I have PHPStorm version 10.0.4 (old, I know :) and Xmx is:


Ok, thanks for confirming this Dmitry.


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