AdonisJS .edge support



as an introduction:

AdonisJS is a JavaScript MVC framework built on top of NodeJS. It supports many features like Sessions, Authentications, Validators, Database, ORM, Routes and much more.

You can visit the AdonisJS website here and it's Github here


The template engine of AdonisJS is .edge ( Edge Template Engine )

But Webstorm still doesn't have a .edge support. is there anyone who can make a plugin for it. It's similar to .blade syntax.




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This feature hasn't ever been requested, and I'm not aware of any custom plugins supporting this template language.

You can try developing a plugin yourself. Please check this tutorial:

Here's the open source example of the template language implementation:

Note that we have a special forum for questions regarding plugins development - Feel free to ask questions there

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Please, give us adonisJS .edge template support 

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When we can get adonisJS on WebStorm ?

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Really need Edge support! It's all broken in PHPStorm :(, too lazy to develop it myself :( :(

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It's not on our roadmaps

Please feel free to file a request for supporting it to youtrack,


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FWIW, it looks like this request is being tracked as `WEB-41625` here:

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You can choose Handlebars association for now


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