Save and run gulp.js

I'm new to PHPStorm and I'm having some problems with how to run my gulp.js tasks on save? For now I save and then use shift + F10 but I feel like I can make it one button press. 


It should be run automatically, see

If that's not the case - please describe your project setup



I think I may have things set up incorrectly. I work mainly out of src folder in an AngularJS environment. Currently this is my run configuration. Set to run my gulp default task. 




When you hit Shift+F10 - it starts the Gulp watcher which should be run continuously. Could you please check/observe if it's running that way? Just leave Gulp tool window not minimized, edit some files & try to trigger it: either via Save action, or by focus switching from and into PhpStorm


I hit Shift+F10 and it does run but it gives me this output as well. And then stops running


You can't run Gulp task on Save - on-save actions are not currently supported by the platform, as files are auto-saved by the IDE - see
If you need to run Gulp on Save All, set it up as file watcher (, and disable 'Auto-save edited files to trigger the watcher' for this watcher, so that it is triggered on explicit Save/changing focus; or, use Gulp watch tasks to trigger building on Save, like


gulp.task('watch', function () {
return'src/**/*.js', ['js']);

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