Chinese characters in project settings menu


I opened my IDE today and saw following:


Any ideas how to solve this? :)


Have you installed any third party plugins recently?


Hi, yes I have. Is there a way to fix it? But I have a lot, and do not know which of them affects exactly,


Try switching them off (, and turning on, one by one.


I had exactly the same issue with exactly the same Chinese characters.
As I figured out by guessing and disabling plugins it was this one:

I do not really remember why I installed it.


@Gmamaladze, the same with me!

@Petr Rastegaev, could that be, that this plugin is installed unnoticeably for the user and is a kind of harmful plugin? Or just exploiting some vulnerability in IDEA?

Because, not only I don't remember installing it, but it seems to be useless and fake at all!



I have the exact same issue and it was also caused by the plugin 'Tiny Service'.

My situation is the same as Nowspamhere : I can't remember ever installing this plugin.
The description of this plugin is a bit dodgy: 'this plugin is work for Tiny Service quick create and deploy service more detail plase read the document in website'

Knowing myself I would never install a plugin with such a crappy description in the first place.
Also on the plugin page ( some weird email address is used and the vendor's homepage doesn't exist:


I took a quick look at the decompiled bytecode and so far I didn't find anything disturbing.
It just seems to be some GUI for editing files with the extension '.service' or '.service.xml'.
Creating a file named 'foo.service' will cause the plugin to add an extra tab at the bottom which shows a GUI screen with some chinese characters.

The only thing I did find suspicious is that the plugin has a seemingly unused dependency on RunCC (, which is a 'A Java Runtime Compiler Compiler' according to their website. It's purpose is to generate parsers and lexers at runtime.

The main JAR of this 'Tiny Service' plugin did contain 2 weird looking files, so if someone wants to do a more thorough investigation I'd be interested in the results.


@... is there a policy regarding weird / undocumented / low-quality plugins in the marketplace? 


We've deprecated the plug-in and will no longer be suggested.


Spotted this when organising plugins. Couldn't remember ever installing this plugin. Googled for a bit and found this page.

These are the Chinese characters I got when right-clicking on the settings & copied the path: "服务发布扫描规则" , they translates to "Fúwù fābù sǎomiáo guīzé" and translate in English to "Service publishing scan rules". 

This is the Preferences link with the URL encoded Chinese characters: "jetbrains://idea/settings?name=Other+Settings--%E6%9C%8D%E5%8A%A1%E5%8F%91%E5%B8%83%E6%89%AB%E6%8F%8F%E8%A7%84%E5%88%99"

Adding them in this page so maybe Google indexing might help others finding this page. 



For me I ended up with Tiny Service self installing as I have some systemctl ".service" scripts in my tree

On opening the file at the top it says hey this plugin handles .service - and I just said yeah go with the parser sound like a good thing

It seems to work, just the plug-in isn't multi-language and so seems more suspicious than maybe it is


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