Whats the state of Kotlin.test in Intellij


I am new to Kotlin and currently I am using IntelliJ with the Kotlin plugin. As I have to select a testing framework, I am wondering about the IntelliJ support for Kotlin.test. I think I like the framework because it is similar to Scalatest. However when I am in a Kotlin class and press the shortcut for "Create New Test .." I have nothing for Kotlin.test under the Testing library dropdown to select from. I wonder if I miss something or if it is just not supported at this stage.


This is expected. kotlin.test is not a testing framework, it's al ibrary: https://kotlinlang.org/api/latest/kotlin.test/index.html

See also an example of configuring kotlin.test and junit with Gradle: https://stackoverflow.com/a/45131705/992380

P.S. Please use this space for Kotlin-related discussion in IDE: https://discuss.kotlinlang.org/c/support. Thanks!


Hmm wait, is kotlin.test something else then? I mean https://github.com/kotlintest/kotlintest damn this is confusing :)


It is confusing :) Kotlintest framework is not supported indeed, please vote for https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-19984 and follow it for updates.


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