Running different C++ files on the same project


Hi all, I'm a student and just started using CLion.

I'm trying to run different C++ files on the same project, when the files aren't necessarily related to each other (usually school exercises).

It seems that I can't run the files independently and I couldn't figure out how to do so.

Would love to get some help with that and save some trouble of opening a new project for every time I need to run a simple code. 



I've searched the web for a while and couldn't find a solution.

Also, I'm using a mac, if that makes any different.

thanks again! 


Hi! You need to create a new target for each unrelated file. Please read our quick CMake tutorial:


Hi Anna, thanks for replying.

I added 2 cpp files under a single project, and made sure I have each as a target. but still, trying to run them separately results in failure. Do you know why?


@Zickmusic, what error do you get? Do you have a main() function in each file?


Yes, I do have a main() function for each file.

The error is the same as it was before:


Both files are included in the cmakelist, as specified in the tutorial.

Both files have the same code in it.

What do you think?


and thank you for your help!


So in your CMakeLists.txt you should have smth similar to

add_executable(target_1 main.cpp)
add_executable(target_2 "New File.cpp")

Is it so?

Please do Tools | CMake | Reset Cache and Reload Project. Does it help?



It was all in one executable, now I split it as so:


But still, when I try to run either "multi_one" or "multi_two" it just runs the main. I have tried reseting cahce and reloading the project every time after changing the cmake.


Any idea? 




You should select the appropriate run configuration (target_2 if you want to run Multi_One.cpp; target_3 if you want to run Multi_Two.cpp;) in the Select Run/Debug Configuration drop-down list:


Works perfectly now! thank you for your patience and your help :)


Thanks ! I had the same problem for a long time, finally, it worked.


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