Spell checking doesn't work in Markdown files

The spell checker works fine, but there's no option to enable spelling inspection highlighting in the UI. All you get is a checkbox at the top of the scrollbar telling you you have "X typos" in your document, with no clue where they are! I'd think spell checking for Markdown is more important than any other file type, since it's the one most often used by git repos for content authoring.

What are the chances we can get this fixed in the next release?


Works fine for me:


what severity is chosen in Settings | Editor | Inspections | Spelling | Typo? try setting a different severity level - does it work? Also, what mode do you use for .md files viewing - Editor only, Editor + Preview, Preview only?


Does not work for me either, tried both PyCharm and IntelliJ :(


Can't reproduce

Is the Proofreading | Typo inspection enabled, what do its settings look like?


I've managed to reproduce this, and it's due to "Reader Mode" being on. Go to Settings | Editor | Reader Mode and ensure that Error and warning highlighting, inspection widget is ticked to show inspection errors.


Does not work for me either.
Proofreading | Typo inspection is enabled. "Reader Mode" is off. I use the Markdown Plugin, but even if I switch it off, neither spelling nor grammar check is working.

What else can I check?


Can be https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-283849/Spell-checking-typo-does-not-work-after-update-but-grammar-does. Not repeatable for me though.


Note that spell checking doesn't work in Preview mode, only in Edit one


Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately neither spelling nor grammar works for me. And it never worked before.


I found the reason.

As I do not like spell checking in my code, I unchecked that for all project files. But in markdown files, normal text is treated as code. 

Solution: I created a scope only containing markdown files and set spellchecking for code only for this scope. But it seems not to work with the markdown plugin.


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