No "Run task" on my Tools Menu


I'm following the instructions at because I neglected to name my application when I was following the Django tutorial here:

However, when I choose "Tools" I see no "Run task"

I thought maybe I needed to choose "Open Task" here:

But then this dialog box doesn't look to be any more helpful:

Here's my file structure as it stands now:

I'm on a 2015 Mac running OSX 10.14 (Mojave)

With the super latest Pycharm:

And Django 2.1.2

Please help.

Thanks so much!



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Please check Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Django, is Django Support enabled?

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Thanks! I had the same question!

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Also check if there are no warnings under Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Django. I experienced this issue because I changed the settings filename. After specifying it in the Settings option, the Run task option reappeared

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I have same problem too

I Looking for Django in Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Django 

but its not there!

how I can solve this problem guys?

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Do you use PyCharm Professional?

Django is not supported by PyCharm Community.


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